Heavy Duty Support Blocks in North America

The Heavy Duty Support Block combines all of the elements in the Standard Duty Support Block but it is able to withstand larger, heavier applications. The Heavy Duty Support Block is a solid piece of EPDM designed to handle a larger load capacity. This product is suitable for all commercial and industrial rooftop applications.

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The Heavy Duty Support Blocks are ideal for:

  • Walkway Supports
  • HVAC Unit Supports
  • Rooftop Sleeper Supports


Heavy Duty Sheldon Support Block - 12 in. (2)
Material Information Polymeric, cured rubber extruded profile based on a proprietary synthetic rubber compound.
  • Lengths range between 8” up to 96”
  • 8.75” Width
  • 4.06” High [Without Channel]
  • 4.87” High [With Channel]
Colour Black
Max Load Weight PSI
Warranty 25 Year Warranty

Note: Individual Support Pieces cannot be less than 8” long.