About Roof Assured Corporation in North America

In 2012, the idea for a better rooftop support block was conceived by an Ontario-based roofing contractor who had been in the industry for over thirty years. Just like many other contractors, they were tired of using low-grade, mediocre support blocks that always seemed to deteriorate and create damage to roofing membranes. There had to be a better solution.

After copious amounts of research, the contractor discovered a local rubber manufacturer that had been in business for over thirty years, which specialized in developing products designed to withstand heavy-duty applications such as: rail, transit and marine applications by using new polymer technologies.

The contractor immediately partnered with the local rubber manufacturer and thus, Roof Assured Corporation (“RAC”) was established. RAC began with launching premium-grade rooftop support blocks now called the “Sheldon Support Block”, made out of 100% virgin EPDM material. Next, RAC launched premium rooftop sleepers and parking stops that are both superior products and performance-guaranteed. With endless product possibilities, RAC continues to be a marketplace leader.

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